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Where is YourGrocer located?
Our corporate headquarters and warehouse are located in Westchester, NY at:

258 Saw Mill River Road
Elmsford, NY 10523
Phone #:914-347-0006
Toll Free: 1-877-282-6238
Fax #: 914-347-3218

Customer Care Representatives are available Monday thru Friday (9AM - 5PM EST)

We deliver to the New York city area, Westchester and SW Fairfield county.
At this time, we do not ship orders via USPS, UPS or FEDEX.

Is YourGrocer a subsidiary of any other warehouse clubs, i.e. Costco, Sam's Club?
No. We are an independently owned and operated company.

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Getting Started

I want to place an order online. What should I do?

  • Check to see if we deliver to your area:

  • Click here and type your zipcode in the text box marked as "Enter your zipcode" then click the "Start Shopping" button.

    Unfortunately, at this time we do not ship our orders via USPS, UPS, nor Fedex.
  • Register or login

  • If you are a first time shopper you will need to set up a new account. To do this, click on the "LOGIN" button at the top and click "Create Account". Afterwards, follow the prompts to fill in your information. This will take a couple of minutes, but you will only have to do it once.

    If you are a registered user, click the "LOGIN" button, enter your Email and password and begin shopping. Please remember that passwords are case sensitive.

  • Finding an item

  • Finding a Product is very easy using the Search Products box at the top or every page. As you are typing in your item, suggested searches are shown below. You can select one of them or finish typing you search phrase and hit Enter. The products matching the description will appear. Click on the product you are interested in to see a picture and description. You may add the product directly to your cart from this page.
  • Browsing an aisle and selecting an item

  • YourGrocer's products are arranged by aisle, just like in a supermarket. Select the aisle you would like to visit and you will be shown all our products in that aisle. Click on an item to see a picture and a description.
  • Adding Items to your shopping cart

  • As in a supermarket the items you want to buy are stored in a "Shopping Cart". To add items to your cart click the "Add to Cart" button next to the product or choose the quantity and press "Add All Selected Items to Cart" on the bottom of the page.
  • Editing an order

  • You can change contents of the shopping cart at any time before you check out. Just click on the Shopping Cart button at the top of your screen. Once there, to change the quantity of an item, select the new quantity and click Update Cart at the bottom of the screen. To delete an item select "0" from the quantity dropdown menu and update.

  • Checking out

  • When you have finished selecting your items click the "Shopping Cart" button and then "Checkout". Follow the prompts to finalize your order. Please look out for the fields with an asterisk (*) next to them. These fields are mandatory and will delay your checkout process if not completed properly. Please note: When the "Review Order" page appears this will be your last opportunity to modify your order.

  • Entering coupon code

  • Periodically YourGrocer.com offers coupon codes that can be used to further your savings. At checkout there will be a green field labeled "ENTER COUPON CODE HERE".
    Simply enter the coupon code and continue the checkout process.

    How do I know my order has been successful?
    An itemized email confirmation, including an order confirmation number, will be sent to your email address.

    Can I save an order without checking out?
    Yes, but make sure you are logged in. You can simply select items and save them to your shopping cart without having to check out. When you close the browser or leave our Web site your shopping cart will be saved automatically and will be retrieved the next time you come to our Web site. If you are a registered user, we advise always logging in when you enter our Web site.
    Note: your browser must support cookies (most modern browsers do).

    What if I don't have access to a computer?
    No problem. You can call Customer Service between 9:00AM - 5:00PM EST Monday - Friday and we will place the order for you. Please have your shopping list and credit card information ready before you call. If you do not have our Product List, call and we will mail you a copy.

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    Promotional Offers & Exclusions


    From time to time, the Company makes promotional offers to current and potential customers as part of its marketing program. Such offers are usually limited in time (e.g. to specified seasons), or restricted to new customers, or serve as an incentive or "thank you" for specific actions (e.g. referring a friend).

    The Company reserves the right to limit the order size to which a discount offer applies, and to exclude certain products or categories of product from offers of discounted prices on its merchandise. For example, alcoholic beverages are excluded from all such offers and will not be discounted. In most other instances, items are excluded because the Company's prices are already heavily discounted. For example, printer inks are excluded.

    Customers requiring a list of items excluded from discount promotions may call Customer Service at 914-347-0006 to request a current listing.

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    Product Quality

    Who is selecting the items for my order?
    We have our own Product Pickers who select items for your order with the same care and eye for quality as if they were shopping for themselves.
    How is my order kept fresh during delivery?
    Your perishable items are selected the day of your delivery and stored in special refrigerated coolers from our warehouse to your door.

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    What happens if an item I ordered is out of stock?
    We try to keep the products in our inventory in stock at all times. However, from time to time, due to increased demand, an item you ordered may be out of stock. In these cases, if we substitute the out of stock item, the substitution will be brought to your attention when your order is delivered. You will always have the option of refusing any substitution and getting a credit on your card.

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    Adding to an existing order

    Can I add items to an order I already placed?

    Yes. You can add to an order that you have already placed until a certain hour (usually 5PM) on the business day before delivery is due.

    It's easy to do this online:
  • Log in
  • Go ahead and choose the items you need to add.
  • You do NOT have to pay another delivery charge.
  • When finished, check out.

  • At checkout, you will automatically be asked: "Do you want to add this to your existing order?"
  • Click "Yes" if you do.
  • If you do not, click "No" (Note: You will have to pay a fee for a different delivery)
  • Click here to shop.

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    Providing accurate delivery information

    Our customers are responsible for providing us with an accurate, up-to-date shipping address and billing information, so that we can execute their order. We also require a current telephone number at which you can be contacted during the delivery time window. This enables our drivers to call you, if there are any unanticipated changes or questions.

    Customers are also responsible for updating their shipping or billing information should there be any changes; to avoid being charged for delivery to an out-dated address.

    Existing customers can update their shipping or billing information by logging in, then clicking on the MY ACCOUNT button at the top of the page and then selecting "Edit Account". You will see your current account information: simply make the needed changes then click on UPDATE at the bottom of the page.

    Different Shipping & Billing Addresses

  • Submit a scanned photo of the credit card that will be used to pay for the order. (Front side only, you may block out all digits except for the last four.)
  • Submit a scanned photo ID (license or work ID) of the credit card holder.

  • Fax to (914)347-3218 or email to service@yourgrocer.com before completing 'checkout'. This is a one-time request, in order to verify that we have the authorization of the credit card holder. Please also include a phone number or email address so that we may contact you upon receiving your information.

    Please call Customer Service at (914)347-0006 or Toll-Free 1(877)282-6238.

    Saving Multiple Shipping Addresses

  • Click Here for detailed instructions on how to save multiple shipping addresses to your account.

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    Pricing/Delivery Fee

    Are your prices cheaper than supermarkets?

    Yes. Comparison shopping studies show that our prices are up to 50% cheaper than local supermarkets.
    How much will it cost to deliver my order?
    Our delivery charge is $9.95 for orders of $75.00 or more. We deliver orders of less than $75 in Manhattan only, for a charge of $14.95.
    Do you charge a fuel surcharge fee?
    When the price of gasoline rose in early 2008 we had to add a $2.00 fuel surcharge to partially cover our increased shipping cost. As gasoline prices have fallen, there is no fuel surcharge at this time.

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    Referral of Friends

    How do I refer a friend to YourGrocer?
    Referring a friend to use YourGrocer is easy. Click Here for more information.
    I forgot my Password
    If you can't remember your password go to our "Forgot my Password" page and we will email you a new one. If you are still having problems give us a call at 1-914-347-0006 or drop us an email.

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    Delivery Schedule and Payment Options

    Do you deliver to my area?
    Check our "Delivery Schedule" for updated areas and times.
    At this time, we do not ship orders via USPS, UPS nor FEDEX.

    Are there delivery schedule limitations?
    Orders must be in by 5PM the night prior to delivery for Tuesday to Saturday orders and by 12PM on Sunday, for Monday deliveries. Same day delivery is not available. Please note that delivery time slots often sell out earlier.
    My area is not listed on the schedule. When will you be delivering to my location?
    We are constantly updating our delivery schedules. Please check the most recent additions to our schedule under the Delivery link on our web site.
    Are there any delivery quantity limitations?
    YourGrocer reserves the right to limit the quantity of any item ordered. Specifically, certain limits apply to heavy items like water, and high cube (volume) items like foam cups and plates. We recommend calling ahead (to Customer Service at 1-914-347-0006) before placing an order for a large quantity of a single item (e.g. over 40 units).
    How will my order be delivered?
    Your order will be delivered by a driver in one of our vans.

    When will my order be delivered?
    YourGrocer has its own fleet of vans and dedicated drivers. We make every effort to ensure your order arrives within the time slot you have selected. Although we schedule our vans conservatively, traffic density may slow a van down. In addition, new security precautions are increasing the time to deliver to certain buildings. Hence, YourGrocer is unable to guarantee on-time arrival, despite our best efforts. We have equipped our drivers with 2-way cell phones. They are under instructions to alert customers if they are running late. Also, customers are welcome to call Customer Service at 914-347-0006 (M-F: 9AM - 5PM) on the day of delivery, to obtain updated arrival time estimates.

    Do I need to be home to receive a delivery?
    No, provided you make arrangements for the order to be received at your address. When placing an order you can type a note in the "Special Directions" field that our delivery person will see. For example, you may type, "Leave with doorman" or "Leave on porch" and our delivery person will follow your instructions.

    What if no one is available to receive an order?
    If no one is available to receive your order during the scheduled delivery time window, you will be charged the delivery fee and 100% of the cost of perishable items in your order (such as fresh vegetables and frozen items).

    We will be happy to set up another delivery date if you call customer service at 914-347-0006. There will be an additional delivery charge.

    What if my order includes beer?
    If beer is included in your order, the person receiving the delivery must have identification to prove they are over the age of 21. The driver will ask for their signature. If no one aged 21 or over is available to receive the order, the driver is required to remove the beer from the order and you will be charged a 25% restocking fee for the beer, as beer is a non-returnable item.

    Do you deliver to walk-ups?
    Yes, however our drivers are only required to walk-up to the 3rd floor.
    If you live above the 3rd floor, you can either meet the driver on the 3rd floor or call and we will try to make special arrangements for your order.

    How do I select a delivery time?
    Checkout begins with a page showing all the delivery times, with available days/times in blue. Note the times open in your area; click on the one you want.

    Please note that if you choose a delivery time that is not in your area, we cannot guarantee delivery.

    (Same day delivery is never available). The time you selected will be shown at the top of the following screen. You can change the time by clicking on "[change]" next to your selected time/day.
    Please keep in mind that orders must be placed the latest by 5PM the day before delivery.

    How do I pay for my order?
    We accept all major credit cards except Diners Club. We also accept PayPal.
    However, the debit/credit card must have a U.S. billing address.
    At this time we are currently unable to accept cards issued outside of the U.S.
    If your card approval does not go through automatically, call Customer Service
    M-F: 9AM-5PM at 914-347-0006. We do not accept personal checks, nor money orders or COD.

    YourGrocer is not responsible for any overdraft fees or situations resulting from customers using cards with insufficient balances to cover the total costs. It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure funds are sufficient to cover all applicable fees and taxes.

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    Bottle Deposits

    Why is there a bottle deposit charge on my bill?
    When you purchase a case of soda or seltzer a charge of 5¢ per container is automatically assessed, as in a supermarket. Effective 10/31/09, bottled water (including flavored or nutritionally enhanced water, which does not contain sugar) is charged a bottle deposit.

    If you wish to recover this deposit, empty bottles and cans may be redeemed at any redemption center or you may bring them to our facility at 258 Saw Mill River Road, Elmsford NY 10523, 12PM to 5PM, Monday through Friday. YourGrocer can only redeem bottles and cans of products that we sell. Our drivers cannot accept bottles and cans for redemption.

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    Order Changes/Returns/Cancellations

    How do I make a change to an order?

    You can add to or reduce an order the business day (M-F) prior to delivery, up to 5PM. If you'd like to reschedule your delivery time you need to contact us as soon as possible, no later than the business day before delivery. You may contact us at service@yourgrocer.com or 1-914-347-0006. In the event that you make changes the day of your delivery, we will contact you and let you know if we were able to make the change. Your order may have already been selected and prepared.
    How do I cancel an order?
    If you decide to cancel an order, contact us the business day before delivery is due. You must notify us by 5PM. Call Customer Service Monday-Friday: 9AM-5PM at 914-347-0006, or email service@yourgrocer.com and we will process your request. There will be a delivery charge for orders cancelled on the day of delivery, or after 5pm the day before. In addition, you will be charged for any perishable items (such as fresh vegetables and frozen items) in such orders, since they cannot be reused.

    How do I return or exchange an item?
    When our driver delivers your order you may give him back the item(s) you do not want, right away. However, please note, perishable items and alcoholic beverages are non-returnable, unless there is a quality issue. If an item is marked on the driver's invoice copy as a return, you will not be billed for it. (We bill you the business day following delivery.) If you receive an item you are not satisfied with, contact us and we will arrange for a replacement or credit. Requests for a replacement or credit must be made within 7 days of delivery. Unless there is a quality issue, returned items must be unopened/undamaged and in its original packaging.
    What should I do if an item is missing from an order?
    Our delivery person will check through your order with you when he or she makes the delivery, for any item that is missing or not acceptable. A note should be made on the driver's copy of the invoice and customer service will issue you a credit automatically within 48 hours. If your order was left for you, please contact us at service@yourgrocer.com or 1-914-347-0006 and tell us your name, the order ID number and exactly what was missing or unacceptable about your order. Depending on your location, we will either arrange for a re-delivery or issue a credit for the item to your credit card. Same day re-delivery is not available.
    What if no one is available to receive an order?
    If no one is available to receive your order during the scheduled delivery time window, you will be charged the delivery fee and 100% of the cost of perishable items in your order (such as fresh vegetables and frozen items).

    We will be happy to set up another delivery date if you call customer service at 914-347-0006. There will be an additional delivery charge.

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    Security and Privacy

    Is it safe to use my credit card to order on your web site?
    We're committed to maintaining a security architecture that protects customer data. At YourGrocer, all customer data travels to us via secure HTTPS connections using the latest encryption technology. This means that your private information is always strongly encrypted before it leaves your computer, and remains so until it's safely stored on one of our secure servers. YourGrocer's Web servers reside on a secured network behind firewalls. Customer and credit information is not stored on machines that are accessible via the internet. Our servers are stored in a secure facility, which is only accessible to authorized YourGrocer staff.

    Is my information kept private?
    All information that you furnish to us will be kept private and will be for our records only. See our privacy policy for details. You have the option of receiving emails from us regarding specials or promotions. If you choose not to receive such mail, simply unsubscribe and the only time you will receive email from us is when you place or change an order. The email you receive will be your receipt with an itemized list of what you purchased and an ID number in case you have a question about your order.

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    Technical Issues/Error Messages

    I am having problems with my browser, what should I do?
    Make sure you are using the most recent version of your browser. If you are using the most recent version and are still experiencing problems, the settings of your browswer may be conflicting with the security on our site.

    I am having problems logging into or checking out of your web site. What am I doing wrong?

    Your Browser Might Need an Upgrade

    If you aren't using one of the more recent web browser versions, you may encounter problems signing into our site. Please upgrade your browser.
    Email and Password Might Be Wrong
    Please double-check that you are using the correct Email and password. Have you forgotten your Email and password? Note: passwords are case-sensitive, so make sure you use upper and lower case letters in the same way you did when you first chose and typed in your password. If you forgot your password click "Forgot Password?" link to receive a new, temporary password.

    What should I know about my computer before calling customer service?
      1. Which page were you on when the problem occured? At what time?
      2. Have you been getting an error message? What did it say?
      3. Which browser are you using?
      4. Are you using a PC, or a Mac?
      5. If you're on a PC, which version of Windows are you using?

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    Where does YourGrocer get their products?
    We get our products from local suppliers in our area. We buy in large quantities so we are able to pass the savings on to you. We carry the same manufacturer brand names that you see on your supermarket shelf... just cheaper!

    Kosher Symbols

    YourGrocer Text Kosher Symbol Symbol Description
    THE OU EMBLEM is the registered trademark (U.S. Patent Office #636,593 and #1,087891) of the Kashruth Division of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America - The Orthodox Union. It may be used only by authority of the Orthodox Union Kashruth Division.

    OU SYMBOL -The products are Pareve (contains neither milk or meat ingredients).
       The products are MEAT/POULTRY. Additionally, they may contain meat/poultry ingredients or have been processed on meat equipment.
       The products are DAIRY. These products either contain dairy ingredients or have been processed on dairy equipment.
    The KOF-K emblem is a registered trademark protected under Federal law against the unauthorized use on any product or service. It is the exclusive property of KOF-K Kosher Supervision, an international organization providing the highest standards of kosher food certification. Only products and services meeting these standards are permitted to display the KOF-K symbol.
    OK or O-K
    Under the leadership of Rabbi Don Yoel Levy, the OK provides certification for food giants and products such as IFF, Kraft, ConAgra, Tropicana and the Miller Brewing Company. Operating on six continents and supported by more than 350 of the world's leading kosher experts, the OK certifies more than 114,000 products, produced by over 1,500 companies.
    The Triangle symbol is a patented and trademarked logo that signifies "kashrut" as defined by the most stringent of Orthodox Jewish law. The organization offers it's rabbinical supervision and certification on any ingredient or product that meets the strictest criteria of what makes such items kosher.
    KSA (Kosher Supervision of America) is the largest, recognized and accepted, Orthodox kosher certification agency based in the western United States. The KSA symbol is a firm guarantee to all consumers that the products bearing the symbol are in full compliance with the most demanding of kosher standards.

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