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YourGrocer.com's delivery vans have been a familiar sight on New York's streets for over a decade.

Our specialty is delivering economy sizes of popular grocery products. So our customers can enjoy wholesale prices - without the time-consuming hassle of shopping at a warehouse club. And without the expense of membership fees.

We also strive to give our customers personal and efficient service. Our friendly drivers are all local people, and we don't hide behind our website. Our Customer Service number is (914) 347-0006 and the phone is manned Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

YourGrocer.com has greatly expanded its product offering since starting operations in 1999 as "The Warehouse Club that Delivers". Now we deliver a much broader selection of beverages, groceries and fresh produce than any single warehouse club. So we can better serve busy families, offices and organizations that need bulk quantities for their staff or operations.

We are a relatively small, local company, owned by YourGrocer customers and management. Our operations are based in Southern Westchester from where we can efficiently serve New York City, Westchester and SW Fairfield County.

Looking forward, we will continue to expand our product selection - always looking to offer unusual value and reliable quality. We plan to deliver to new areas, and continue to bring our customers their grocery basics ... with a wink and a smile, like our familiar logo.

Thank you to our growing family of customers for using our service and recommending us to so many friends and colleagues.
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